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We had a guest for dinner the other night. She has a green card. I guess I never understood what that meant. As she described it, other than voting, she has every other benefit of being a citizen.  That got me thinking about Biden’s plan for a “path to citizenship” for DACA people.

Given that green cards provide so many benefits, why do the DACA folks require citizenship?  Whenever I hear one being interviewed on TV, they say they are worried about being deported.  Okay, great, if so, then making them legal with a green card should be sufficient.   A green card would avoid that.  Citizenship is special and should be reserved for those who went through the normal process, not those who cut in line. (1)

My next question to the DACA folks is this: what are you going to do for the United States of America to earn your green card?  One option would be that if you are between 17 and 30 you could go in the armed forces for five years.  Another thought would be for them to agree never to take one cent from the federal government for the rest of their life in any form; no food stamps, no housing, no Medicaid, etc. That includes Social Security, you can pay in but that’s your contribution to the American citizens who allowed them in.

Imagine you are in the grocery store on a Saturday afternoon and it’s crowded.  A family of four cuts to the front of the line.  Infuriated, the people in line behind them start telling them to get to the back of the line where they belong.  But, the 12-yr old says “No, I’m not leaving my place in line, I got here because of my parents, I didn’t do it, they did.  I should be allowed to stay.”  You’d say “Go to the back of the line with your parents, just because they they tried to cheat doesn’t excuse you.”




(1) Of course I know why the Dems what them to become citizens and that’s because they are buying their votes.