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Over the last 50 years, the Supreme Court decision on Roe versus Wade that legalized abortions remains a divisive issue in our society.  To me, it is an example of how polarized

we become when we look at an issue in a binary way i.e. right or wrong, black or white, all or nothing.

I am Pro Life and against abortion, but also Pro Choice in letting women make their own decisions concerning their body.  As a woman who has conceived, carried and delivered a child into this world, here is my non-binary perspective for Pro Choice and Pro Life.

We women have four important choices available to us in addressing the issue and opportunity to conceive a child.

  • Choice #1. A woman can decide if she wants to engage in intercourse with a man or not.  Should this decision be forced upon her, a woman has the next choice.
  • Choice #2. A woman can decide to use contraceptives in order to avoid an unwanted pregnancy.  Should this decision be unavailable to her, a woman has the next choice.
  • Choice #3. A woman can decide to abort an unwanted fetus by taking a pill immediately upon realization.  If she missies this opportunity, a woman has the next choice.
  • Choice #4. A woman can decide to abort an unwanted fetus within the first 3 months or 12 weeks prior to a heartbeat of an embryo ready to grow fully into a child.

That is my Pro Choice position and it still supports my Pro Life position.  To think that it is a choice of any human being to deliberately destroy a fully developing embryo within a woman’s womb is a pro death position.  It is the deliberate killing of another human being.

The modifications being considered by our political establishment to pull back from the full-term abortions (up to the full 9 months of embryo development) being allowed is 24 weeks.  Do the math!!  That is a 6-month fetus near full development (many preemies born at this point) and a mother fully “showing” her pregnancy in the size of her belly.

It’s hard to understand why a woman would carry a child to near or full-term and choose to kill it.  Unless it threatens the life of the mother or child, it is taking a human life.  I am all for Pro Choice but one that acknowledges Pro Life.  Otherwise, as a society, we are condoning the deliberate killing of another human being.  That’s not a choice in a moral society.