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America’s Declaration of Independence states clearly at the beginning the truths of our founding as a country:

  • “that all Men are created equal”
  • “they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights”
  • “among these are Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.”

No country in human history had ever set forth these truths of human nature as the basis for government.  Our unalienable rights are a God-given right and to be protected by government.  It was an experiment then and continues to be tested more than ever today.

The real gift our Founders exemplified in risking their own lives to create a life of freedom and happiness for all was their common value in taking personal responsibility for the outcomes they deeply desired.

You have probably heard the phrase “freedom is not free” so what is the cost of ensuring those basic truths of America’s founding.  I believe that cost comes in assuming personal responsibility for your life, your liberty and freedom and even your pursuit of happiness.

So, what is the cost of personal responsibility?  Well simply said but not easily achieved it is taking care of yourself, being responsible for your thoughts, words and deeds and staying open to continuous learning to expand your thinking and tap your unlimited potential.

“Tall order” I hear you saying, and you would be right.  The powerful elite who study the real nature of human beings know they can take full advantage of most people being unwilling to pay that price.  We can go back to the 6th century before Christ and see this demonstrated in the story of the Exodus.  Consider this interpretation of the plight of the Israelites in Dennis Prager’s new book “The Rational Bible” as he talks about the Israelites longing to return to Egypt because as slaves they did not have to provide for themselves.

Most people prefer to be taken care of – even at the price of a loss of freedom – rather than to have to take care of themselves.  That is why people almost everywhere in the world prefer a big state to a limited one, even though, by definition, the bigger the state, the less the individual’s freedom.  That is why the American experiment in limited government was unique in world history and therefore produced the freest country in world history.”

America is at a crossroads of choosing personal responsibility over government responsibility for their life, liberty and pursuit of happiness.  Dennis Prager of Prager U* puts it another way.  He says there are two possible masters and two possible freedoms for humankind – “internal or control over self” or “external or the guy with the whip.”  It’s a choice and we always have choice.  My fellow American citizens, choose personal responsibility, the internal choice, every day.  Live the life you rightfully deserve – your choice, your free will and your core value.  It’s a cost worth paying to have a life worth living!


* Denis Prager is one of the wisest men in America.  If you haven’t watched his “Fireside Chats” I urge you to do so.  Here is a particularly good one.  Addicted to Free