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An Open Letter to Don Bolduc, Candidate for US Senate
October 28, 2022

Dear General,

I was a big fan in your previous run for Senate and I’m a bigger fan today.  I write to you as an expert in the field of Behavioral Economics[1] and offer you the following in your prep for your upcoming debate.

We all have “Status Quo Bias”, i.e., we prefer the known, the status quo, even if it is not in our best interest.  The only way to combat that is to make the status quo, i.e. Hassan seem scarier than you.  Her scare tactics have depicted you as the guy who will ban all abortion and who will kill Medicare and Social Security[2].  So, here are some thoughts on how to fight back and paint her as the dangerous one.

  1. Paint her with a scary label: “If you like $6.00 gas, if you reelect Hassan, you ain’t seen nothing yet.” “Maggie Hassan is the most dangerous senator there is, if you reelect her all hell will break loose.  Heating oil was $3.00 a gallon a year ago and now it’s $5.00, if she’s reelected it could go to $10.00 a gallon”.  Painting a scare future is much more powerful than re-stating the past.  We know we have rampant inflation, paint an even scarier scenario for the future.  You get the point, paint a what-if scenario that will scare the pants off people.  It likely will come true.
  2. Reframe the abortion issue. You could say that the abortion issue is not really about abortion, rather it’s about who gets do decide the issue.  Your position could be that she wants to take away your right to vote on the abortion issue.  She wants to disenfranchise you and take away your right to vote. Rather than allowing us in New Hampshire to make our own decisions, she wants a legislature 600 miles away to decide for us.  She obviously doesn’t believe in democracy, and she obviously doesn’t trust her constituents.  How many more of your rights will she take away.  She’s dangerous.
  3. How many more kids must die of fentanyl before she’ll do anything? We all know that the bulk of the fentanyl comes over the southern border.  On any one of the 50-50 votes in the Senate, she could have told Biden/Schumer “I’m not voting for this until we close the border and stop the fentanyl”.  She has blood on her hands, and she’s done nothing.  How many more of our kids is she willing to sacrifice to appease Joe Biden?

When faced with a bad situation, it’s been proven that people are willing to take risks[3].  Being the new guy, you are seen as a risk and she’s done a good job of making you appear such.  Your job is to paint her in an even more negative light.  I’ve offered you three tactics on how do deal with her in the debate.  Please consider using them.

If you’d like to talk, I’m available at 617-862-9286 or at rv*******@ya***.com.

Best regards,

Robert V. Hatcher
Thornton, NH 03285

[1] Behavioral Economics is the science of how people make decisions when faced with uncertainty.

[2] Please update your website and state your positions on these issues.  Your site hasn’t been updated recently.

[3] At the racetrack, betting on longshots goes way up the later in the night as people try to recover from their losses.