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Why we set this up and rules of the road

There are a lot of us who see a lot of un-American things going on in our country.  From the move from liberty and freedom toward tyranny and socialism.  We needed a forum to vent our thoughts and...

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China must pay

What do Kim Potter and Rogel Aguilera-Mederos have in common?  They are both going to jail for accidents... Kim Potter, as you might know is the police officer who confused her taser for her gun and...

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A Way to be Pro Choice and Pro Life

Over the last 50 years, the Supreme Court decision on Roe versus Wade that legalized abortions remains a divisive issue in our society.  To me, it is an example of how polarized we become when we...

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The Un-American Government of Joe Biden

While I acknowledge Joe Biden is the current President of the United States, he is not my President. For me, this is a simple reason – he is against the America we have come to know, love and...

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Why Does Biden Tout “Good Union Jobs”?

In 1968, and a junior in high school, when my friends were pumping gas and such, I was lucky to get a job at the Star Market warehouse. (Star Market was a major regional grocery store chain.) The...

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The Progressive’s Road to Biden

Joe Biden ran as a moderate on a theme to unify the country.  But what he's done so far shows the progressive ideology has found yet another leader to drive their socialist economic agenda.  For...

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