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Why we set this up and rules of the road

There are a lot of us who see a lot of un-American things going on in our country.  From the move from liberty and freedom toward tyranny and socialism.  We needed a forum to vent our thoughts and...

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The Hidden Costs of Sanctuary Cities

Recently there was a bill in the New Hampshire House to ban sanctuary cities in New Hampshire.  EVERY Democrat voted against it.  Can we afford it? The concept of sanctuary cities has been a topic...

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We Know How to Fix what Ails Us in America

I would like to think that most people yearn to be happy in their life.  Going on that assumption, the experience we have in living in a country like America is greatly impacted by how that country...

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In God We Trust; In Government We Verify

Our money, our Constitution, our Bill of Rights all clearly affirm “In God We Trust”; it doesn't say "in government we trust" and that's for a very good reason.  The Founding Fathers studied the...

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