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A Court Proceeding for the Citizens of the World

This helps explain what happened with the pandemic, what is going on in our world today that you may not know and the information you must know to be prepared for the future.

Likely you never heard about this on-line criminal investigation conducted in the form of a “Grand Jury” proceeding in February 2022.  After almost two years of investigation, scientists and doctors presented their evidence of COVID-19 crimes against humanity.  This was not an international court of law, rather a citizens’ proceeding.  Unable to find a court anywhere in the world to hear their case, these scientists and doctors assembled their own international lawyers and a judge with the jury consisting of the citizens of the world.

Over more than 20 hours of testimony, expert witnesses presented detailed facts, stories, and resources to support their damaging evidence on world governments and power structures who have taken control of the world population through the media with messages designed to create mass panic.  They assert this mass panic persuaded people everywhere to be inoculated by a so-called “vaccine” which their evidence proves to be neither effective nor safe and, in some cases, extremely lethal.

As citizens of the world, here are some key points worth considering.  For the full proceeding, you can go to  I am also providing a link to a “Summary of Significant Facts” that I created for those unable to view the many hours of testimony.

The government overestimated the severity of the pandemic in order to mandate vaccinations

  • The PCR test is seriously flawed and has been so inaccurate [1] it can’t be trusted to diagnose a corona virus. However, it was the primary test used to validate the presence of the virus and had already been developed prior to any official outbreak.  Given its unreliability the number of cases was over-reported.
  • During the first year of the outbreak in 2020, alternative therapies and FDA approved drugs that were showing effectiveness were banned as the vaccine was being released. This artificially inflated the number of deaths.
  • Three “vaccines” were released early in 2021. Governments contended these were the only solution to stop the disease and its transmission.  We now know that’s not true, natural immunity from having had Covid is much stronger.
  • Countries who mandated vaccination of their people experienced a huge spike in deaths including Israel, United States and Great Britain.
  • Francis Collins, while head of the NIH wrote a blog stating that cases were grossly underreported. What that means is that the number of deaths and hospitalizations as a percentage of who had Covid are about a factor of four less than reported in the media.

There is evidence that many world leaders planned for a pandemic and their coordinated response to support global initiatives

  • In the USA, the use of an “Emergency Authorization” (which was set up in advance by the World Health Organization – WHO) made deliberate changes to international law that would force the use of the PCR test as the only diagnostic test in a pandemic and the “vaccine” as the only solution. This expedited the distribution of the test and the vaccine worldwide.
  • The World Economic Forum (WEF) put together the Global Alliance Vaccine Initiative (GAVI) in 2012 to focus on increasing the number of people being vaccinated as well as getting funding internationally to implement the program.
  • Bill Gates along with the WEF and the Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security met in NYC on October 18, 2019, for Event 201 to simulate the outbreak of a worldwide pandemic. Less than a month later, COVID broke out in Wuhan, China.  Coincidence?
  • The WEF makes clear its mission to destroy capitalism [2] and replace it with technocracy. The called Covid The Great Reset” and they use a crisis to reset the economic and financial structure of the world.  While the WEF welcomed the COVID crisis, they are also are using climate change to do the reset and are driving the Global Paris Climate Accord.


  • Governments used COVID to fain control over their people. Through an agreement with the World Health Organization, they used emergency measures to mandate ineffective and unsafe tests and vaccines on their people.
  • The anti-capitalist, self-appointed “visionaries” at the World Economic Forum (WEF) see a restructured world with transformed humans to live in this world. Klaus Schwab, the founder of WEF, has said to the people of the world “by 2030, you will own nothing and be happy.”
  • It is the consensus of the Grand Jury by the People’s Court of Public Opinion that our societies and our lives are in great danger if we don’t bring these world-based organizations into their own destruction.
  • These world-based organizations have no belief in God’s Intelligent Design for the world nor the natural law derived from a belief that man is endowed by that Creative Force. The WSF vision translates into a reality that the people own nothing, have no privacy and life has never been better. You may also have no ownership of your body.

This is not easy listening and a very difficult reality to imagine going on in our world.  But the facts speak clearly that there is a reason the last two years of our lives were upended and the way it was done showed a consistent set of measures taken by countries across the world.  Please pay attention to this information, share it with others and, by all means, do your own homework to see what you find out.  This is unlikely to be the last crisis we experience.

[1] If you doubt this, Google “How accurate are PCR tests” and see if you can find one article that gives an actual effectiveness percentage.  I couldn’t.

[2] See their website where they state that rather than be accountable to their shareholders, organizations should adopt the “stakeholder theory, which asserts that an organization is accountable to all parts of society.”