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In anticipation of the mid-term elections and the possibility of Trump announcing prior to the mid-terms his decision to run in 2024, I thought I would relay what one American patriot shared with me recently.  It reflects how I am feeling as well after voting for Trump in the 2016 and 2020 elections.  So, here goes verbatim the text message I received.

“Just so you know, I truly hope that Trump doesn’t run in 2024.  Nevertheless, the man did us a service for four years, and, but not for him, Hillary Clinton would still been our president.  Despite all the shit that she did, nobody ever raided her home.  When I heard about the FBI raid on Trump’s Florida home this week, I wondered about the timing of it as well as the precedent it sets.  I don’t recall in history a former President of the United States ever being subject to the shit that they are doing to him.

Four years ago, we had diplomatic relations with Russia, China, and North Korea.  The stock market was at an all-time high and so was our retirement 401Ks and IRAs.  Gas prices were as cheap as they’ve been in a decade.  Illegal immigration was finally being addressed.  Nobody even talked about the word inflation.  You could buy a home on a 3% mortgage.  Look where we are today.

And now with a stroke of a pen, Biden and his Democrats sign in another nearly trillion-dollar spending package called “The Inflation Reduction Act” this week that does little to ease inflation, let alone correct, our current situation.  Sorry for the long message, but I’m pissed.  The Texas governor bussed 60 illegal immigrants to New York City yesterday; along with the hundreds that he has already bussed to Washington DC.  Thank God for guys like him.  If the liberal Trump haters keep this shit up, we will be in a Civil War within two years.  The Biden administration is the worst administration since the Carter administration and maybe the worst in our nearly 250 years as a country.

Yet, the Democrats are touting Biden’s accomplishments.  Unemployment is at an all-time low because nobody wants to work with all the new handouts from the Biden administration, and all the baby boomers are retiring and leaving the workforce.  That’s not an accomplishment, that was inevitable.  We’re on the brink of a recession and World War III, yet they are concerned about the minimum wage being $32K a year, a guy can compete in women’s sports just because he “identifies” as a woman, that a woman has the right to an abortion even if she’s on the birthing table, everybody must drive an electric car, nobody has to show proof of citizenship in order to vote and everyone needs to give up their AR 15.

This administration couldn’t run a condominium HOA let alone the free world.”