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In our household, we are registered independents and receive a lot of junk mail from both sides of the aisle.  The other day we got a desperation letter from Maggie Hassan (see below), one of our US Senators from New Hampshire.

Rarely in my life have I called someone an outright liar, but in the case, Ms. Hassan is an outright liar.  Let’s look at some of the lies:

First, THREE times in the letter she says that Mitch McConnel is threatening a national ban on abortion.  This is absolutely NOT TRUE.  A quick Google search for that phrase shows that he has never done so.  The closest he’s ever come to that topic is when asked by a left-leaning reporter whether a national ban “is something worthy of a debate,” he said he “might indeed entertain the idea”.

This lie is doubly ingenuous because the Supreme Court’s decision was clear, the decision on abortion resides in the states, not in the federal government, so a first-year law student would understand that even if Congress passed any kind of bill on abortion, it would be quickly ruled illegal by the Supreme Court.  Surely, Ms. Hassan and her team have legal experts who understand this, so why the hyperbole and scare tactics?

Second, Ms, Hassan says that in New Hampshire we have an abortion ban.  What?  I didn’t know that.  In the dictionary, “ban” means “officially or legally prohibit”.  Yes, it’s true we limit abortions to the first 24-weeks but that’s not “prohibiting” abortions.  Saying we have an abortion ban because we don’t allow them after 24-weeks is akin to saying we have a ban on driving because we don’t allow driving over 70 mph.

Third, three times she refers to her opponents, all of them, as “extreme” and “anti-choice”.  Really, what does that mean?  As far as I can tell, the only choice she advocates is the right to an abortion.  Does she want school choice?  Nope, she’s adamantly against charter schools and vouchers.  Does she want New Hampshire to control our own elections?  Nope, she voted for the bill to nationalize election procedures that would have removed our ability to control our own elections.  Oh, yeah, she thinks you can buy any car you want as long as it’s electric.

It’s desperate to lie so blatantly, but that’s what our US Senators have done.  Both she and Jeanne Shaheen sing from the same hymnbook.  They rubbers-stamp any Joe Biden, Bernie Sanders or Alexandria Ocasio Cortez proposal.

Shame on you Ms. Hassan

2022 08-22 Maggie Hassan fund raising letter