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I got this mailer from the NH Democrat Party that supports Sue Ford that slams Erin Hennesey.  At best the accusations are at best misleading and at worst down right lies.

  1. She claims Erin opposes effort to provide familes with medical, financial and job security and references HB 1166.  The fact is that HB 1166 was to “Establish a committee to study obtaining health insurance for those persons who are uninsured in New Hampshire.  In fact, Erin is a strong supporter of medical, financial and job security.  She knows the issue and wants to get right to the point, not waste time with committees.  
  2. She claims Erin “voted agains s state budget that would’ve resulting in property tax relief”.  What Ford doesn’t say is that this bill included a Capital Gains tax that wouldn’t been added to the dividend & interest tax.  It was an unfair tax on the elderly who have saved to support themselves in retirement.  So, since Ford voted for it, Ford must be in favor of a Capital Gains tax.
  3. She claims Erin “opposed assistance to north country hospitals”.  This is a blatant lie as HB1639 doesn’t even mention assisstance to hospitals.  Perhaps she’d care to explain why she thinks it does.

Lastly, here is the big lie – the flyer says “Sue’s priorities include Opposing an income tax in an form”.  But, she voted for an income tax on NH 712 (see

Sue Ford and her democrat party are willing to lie and tell falsehoods to smear their opponents.