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“Human beings are born with different capacities.  If they are free, they are not equal.  And if they are equal, they are not free.”  (Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn)

I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character.” (Martin Luther King, Jr.)

The Progressive wing of the Democratic Party has mandated DEI requirements into all our major institutions all in the name of achieving social justice for “the oppressed” minorities of America.  This initiative runs counter to the messages quoted above.

My perspective on this initiative is that it creates a new oppressed class among the majority and does not deliver a sustainable social justice for the minority.

Let’s dissect the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion aspects of this initiative.

Starting with Diversity, it is already obvious in studying human behavior of the natural diversity that exists.  As Solzhenitsyn states, “we are born with different capacities.”  Even twins show many differences in their character from day one.  But DEI focuses on diversity of race, color, creed, and gender, yet our unique human potential goes way beyond these external characteristics.  There is the far more diverse set of individual talents, skills, intellect, values, core beliefs, needs and desires of each of us.

So, DEI gives more opportunity to Black and Hispanic people at the expense of White people, Transgender people at the expense of males and females, and Muslims at the expense of Christians and Jews.  Progressives may see this as social justice, but certainly not for all.  Harvard University President, Claudine Gay, their first Black president, recently was forced to resign amid allegations about her character.  Likely, she checked all the DEI boxes.

Equity is even more insidious as it looks to create equal outcomes for all by inflating the capabilities of those less talented, skilled, or intelligent while deflating those who are more naturally talented, skilled, or intelligent.  An example here is the elimination of Advanced Placement courses in many high school curriculums.  This also shows up in major errors being traced back to DEI hiring criteria that selected those less qualified for a position yet meeting the DEI criteria.  The Federal Aeronautic Administration just recently referred to issues with plane malfunctions that may be the result of lack of experience on the part of manufacturers using DEI criteria (likely mandated by the FAA) in their hiring.  Jordan Peterson states that “we are not equal in ability or outcome and never will be.”  Where is the social justice in the National Football and Basketball Leagues where most players are Black people.  Perhaps it is that Black people are more naturally gifted athletes in these fields and/or their culture encourages athletic achievement.

Finally, Inclusion which infers that all people of Diversity and Equity should be rightfully included and accepted into any social, cultural, or civic affair.  What I have noticed about human beings is that we all tend to be far more exclusive in dealing with others including those of the same race, color, creed, or gender.  We tend to be included or want to be included where we are most comfortable.  I once attended a session where Black and Jewish people came together to discuss defamation of their respective diversities within society.  I noticed immediately that all the Black people sat together, and all the Jewish people did the same.  That made me realize that even with groups of people who share a common need, diversity will still pull them toward those who are more like themselves. Perhaps it is exclusion that is reality not inclusion for all of us.  Even among Progressives, they are not very inclusive when it comes to inviting Conservatives to engage in honest dialogue to better understand each other’s perspectives.  This is most evident on college campuses where conservative thought leaders have been either attacked or censored from speaking.

The DEI initiative is starting to backfire and is likely to be continually challenged.  Individuals are confronted with DEI’s inherent racism and the restrictions it places on our ability to capture opportunities based on our individual merit and performance.  Elon Musk recently stated that “DEI is just another word for racism.  Shame on anyone who uses it.”  A recent op-ed in the Wall Street Journal challenged a med school application process that required applicants to explain their dedication to DEI activism.  The father writing the op-ed raises the question – are we training physicians or activists in our med schools?

When 97% of the Harvard faculty define themselves on the Left, is that the diversity outcome the DEI initiative aspires to create.  When the average grade for Harvard students is in the 90%, is that the equity that shows DEI is succeeding.  When the Mayor of Boston holds a holiday party and only invites non-white staff, is that the inclusion that defines DEI.

To me, it is an initiative that is not about social justice but creating a divisive, envious, and insidious social justice culture that creates a new racism.  May the challenges continue!!!