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Joe Biden ran as a moderate on a theme to unify the country.  But what he’s done so far shows the progressive ideology has found yet another leader to drive their socialist economic agenda.  For those of us who value the Constitution and our individual freedom (estimated to be at least 50% of American citizens), you may be wondering how the Progressives, who disdain the American Constitution, are now in power and daily dismantling our rights and freedoms.

You see, Joe Biden is hardly the first progressive president.  The progressive movement began more than 100 years ago with our 28th President, Woodrow Wilson.  A devoted Progressive, Wilson thought individual rights took a back seat to society as a whole.  In “Socialism & Democracy” he advocated for power of the government over the rights of the individual.  Wilson felt the Founders’ had it backwards preferring individual, God-given rights (e.g., all men are created equal) over society as a whole.  Individual rights gave too much power to the people and played to their natural greed.

Wilson also didn’t like three separate but equal branches of government (executive, legislative and judicial).  He thought providing checks and balances to limit its size and power would restrict government’s response in handling changes in society.  Furthermore, Wilson preferred hired administrative experts to make policy decisions rather than elected representatives of the people to address society’s increasing complexity.

Then came Franklin Delano Roosevelt, our 32nd President, another progressive/socialist who would usher in the administrative state which we now know as the “deep state”.  Reporting to the executive branch, the administrative state began writing the laws to be passed in the legislature.  These non-elected administrators gradually diminished the primary responsibility of our Congress – to make laws.  The administrative state also bypassed the essential debate and compromise incumbent among elected representatives, charged with bringing forth the differing perspectives of their constituents.  The result was more power to the executive branch.

Our next progressive president was Barack Obama who went on a spending spree, vastly expanding the power and scope of government and the executive office.  Obama, over the course of his eight-year term would increase the federal deficit by $8.59 Trillion, the largest deficit (in dollars) in history and 74% higher than his predecessor.  Much of his spending was from legislation on big issues like health care with his partisan Obamacare program passing without one Republican vote.  He would also exercise his right to issue executive orders.  DACA, for example, was by executive order, knowing he would never get it passed in the legislature.

So, the progressive movement has been gaining momentum over the last 100-years and, once again, is in the power seat in Washington.  Its purpose is consistent – to expand the power and control of government over every aspect of society and its people.  Individual rights and representative government get replaced with collective rights and unelected administrative experts.  In the end, the individual is less free and has fewer rights.  Taxes inevitably increase for the ever-expanding and costly administrative state.

Within the first month of Biden’s administration, we are already seeing him harm America with his Progressive policies under the guise of climate change in killing the Keystone Pipeline, gender identity in allowing boys to play girls sports and open borders for immigration that does not follow the laws but attracts foreigners looking for the Progressive handouts.

This is simply a power play for power hungry people – Progressive thinkers who think they know what is best for all of us.  They do know what is best for themselves and, where they have had a chance to be in power, they take care of themselves nicely at the expense of that collective society.  The fact is, the bigger the government, the more power government has and the less freedom for its citizens.  They feed us with lies because they know we would not tolerate the truth. Their truth is that individuals are subservient to society.

Progressives do not know what is best for America and they need to be stopped.  This is a call to all American citizens and parents, let’s get back to the fundamentals that have made America great and will continue to do so.  Let’s make sure the next generation knows about the greatness of America.  For starters, check out the 1776 Commission Report that tells us how to get the truth of American history back into our education.

George Washington, our 1st President, said “truth will ultimately prevail where there is pains taken to bring it to light.”

If you believe that every individual has a right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, we must make the effort now to keep the America we know and love, making it great for the next generation as our parents did for us.