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Three reasons Biden won’t rescind the Covid National Emergency before the election:

On 60-Minutes last week, Biden said that the “pandemic is over”. If so, why won’t he rescind the declaration of national emergency? I’ve come up with three reasons. If you think of others, please post them in a reply.

1. Without the national emergency, his order to cancel student debt is moot. His order relies on the HEROS act which allows the president to take action for people harmed in the pandemic. The Act is only usable during the national emergency.

2. While we have the national emergency, many states will once again use mail-in voting that was allowed during the pandemic. As we all know about 80% of all mail-in ballots are votes for democrats so allowing them helps dems. (BTW, my guess as to why mail-ins are mostly for dems is that dems are inherently lazy people wanting others to take care of them.)

3. Declaring the National Emergency allowed states to greatly expand the number of people on Medicaid. Rescinding it would force states to expunge those people from Medicaid. If that happens before the election, those people will be pissed!

If you can think of other reasons, please post them here.