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More and more of society is waking up to the realities of our world, our country and the “woke” challenges right in our backyards.  All of this is leading to disbelief, disappointment and even anger that so many of the people we relied on to help and support us in our busy lives are working instead in opposition to life itself.  Though the realities seem so different just in the last three years, many are now documenting how these realities evolved over the last 50 to 100 years.

Teachers Unions are destroying American Public Education.  U.S. Federal Government Bureaucracy is destroying the American Way of Life.  Select elites across all spectrums of society are supporting causes and government policies that undermine individual freedom, the foundation of American Life.  Many of our professionals across all spectrums are failing to work in accordance with their own professional standards.  This is especially transparent among professions that exert the most influence and greatest impact on society at large, namely, researchers, physicians, priests, journalists, professors, teachers, and judges.

We all have busy lives that distract us from seeing what’s going on and understanding why so many feel our country is going in the wrong direction.  Those perpetrating the destruction know this to be true and therefore use it to their advantage.  When Dr Robert Malone, a prominent biological research physician, called out the potential problems with the rapidly approved Covid vaccine, he was immediately censored and cancelled.  Judicial Watch, a legal watch dog on nefarious affairs in our government recently uncovered Biden’s 249-page propaganda campaign to push the COVID-19 vaccine through every imaginable communication medium.

Dr. Malone realized two things happening and the first thing was the vaccine drugs being marshalled through the FDA’s testing and approval process which historically requires ten years of trials. He and other researchers were identifying issues like myocarditis as a “vaccine injury” before the vaccine was even released and offering information to the government on their concerns.  The second thing and perhaps more destructive was the public relations blitz to convince Americans that the vaccine was safe.  Dr. Malone stated frankly in an interview with Dave Rubin (Rubin Report on Blaze TV) that “we are victims of a psychological warfare campaign” that we are “unable to fight off.”   In an interview with Joe Rogan, he used three words “Mass Formation Psychosis” that went viral (and instigated his cancellation) to describe how a good part of the world was being hypnotized with “military grade psychological operations” that would typically be designed to fight Al Qaeda but instead was “being deployed against our own people.” Dr. Malone spent many years as a consultant to the Department of Defense on responding to “engineered pathogens” like Covid and “emerging infectious diseases” like AIDS.

Dr. Malone has released a new book titled “Lies My Government Told Me and a Better Future Coming.”  In this book, he lays out a way forward based on a “belief that there is a path to actualize our potential as a species.”  People need and want freedom and the design of America by the Founding Fathers was based on setting up networks of decentralized communities with the centralized nation state having minimal power.  Dr. Malone feels we need to “build a new system organically” and “in an incremental way with intentional communities” that decentralize power and authority away from a “centralized planning elite.”  While Dr. Malone says that it may take a full generation to turn this around, it is well worth working on it to safeguard the American Way for the next generation.

“We the People” are empowered by the Declaration of Independence, the U.S. Constitution and our state constitutions and the Bill of Rights to right the wrongs being done to us.  In my own backyard, we are creating those intentional communities that Dr. Malone talks about.  We are revisiting our State and U.S. Constitutions to understand what our rights are as American citizens.  We are prioritizing some time to better understand what is going on, get informed from new sources of truth (beyond mainstream media) and show up where we need to voice our opinion or cast our vote in our local towns and state capital.

It is truly about preserving our hard-fought freedom, “one of the deepest and noblest aspirations of the human spirit” which Ronald Reagan shared with us.  But freedom’s price is individual responsibility.  We can’t trust this to the people we thought we could rely on.  They too have been hypnotized.  Let’s renew our oath and pledge to this great country of America and figure out how we each can become better stewards for each other and citizens for freedom and its future.  Let’s do it NOW!!!  The CDC just added the Covid vaccine to the schedule of children’s immunizations.  Let’s save our kids as they are our future.