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As of the start of 2024, it seems that Joe Biden has decided he’s not going to run on his record – and who would.  Instead, he’s jumping on the “Trump is a tyrant and is a threat to democracy” bandwagon.  Well, let’s look at what Joe Biden and his fellow democrat friends record is on democracy.

  • Before Trump was even elected, Hillary Clinton and the democrats launched an all-out campaign trying to convice the world that Trump was colluding with the Russians.  She had a phony document prepared, whose assertions were all later debunked, and somehow convinced the FBI to launch an investigation.  The FBI then lied to the FISA court.  All of this in an attempt to get rid of a duly elected president.
  • Desperate, because of the make-up of the Supreme Court, the democrats floated proposals to pack the Supreme Court.
  • In an attempt to take more seats in the Senate, more proposals were added to add Washington, DC and Puerto Rico as states.
  • Desperate attempts to smear highly qualified nominations for the Supreme Court based on lies and innuendo, for example, the campaign to smear Brett Kavanaugh.
  • In an attempt to deflect attention from Hunter Biden’s laptop, Biden arranged for the false claims by 51 former intelligence officials that Hunter Biden’s laptop was Russian disinformation.
  • And, most recently the decisions to bar Mr. Trump from the Colorado and Maine ballots on grounds that he is guilty of a crime with which he hasn’t been charged.

So, next time you hear Biden rant about Trump, ask yourself who the real threat to democracy is.