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I’ve voted for Trump twice and worked hard to get him elected.  I thought he was a really good president and deserved a second term. Without Covid it would have been a landslide.  He had quite a list of accomplishments,  but I’m not supporting him again.  The reason is quite simple: Biden has our country on the road to ruin and he must be stopped.  So, my support is going to the conservative most likely to win, Nikkie Haley.  See this page for polling dataTrump finishes last in that race so he’s not getting my support.Opinion | Nikki Haley Will Be Missed - The New York Times

The only real candidates with a chance to win the nomination are Trump, Haley, and DeSantis.  But each will roughly issue the same administrative orders and achieve similar results legislatively.  So, even though they pick at each other about differences, they will do and accomplish roughly the same things.

Regardless of which of these three is president, here’s what they’ll do:

  • Secure our border and enforce our immigration laws
    • Finish the border wall
    • Restore remain in Mexico
    • End catch-and-release
    • Declare war on the cartels
  • Rebuild our economy
      • Stop the reckless spending and stop inflation
      • Again make us the largest energy producer
      • Bolster manufacturing
      • Increase the number of people in the workforce?  (Record low unemployment means nothing if the number of people working is small)
  • Defend our country
    • Bankrupt China
    • Eliminate dependence on China
  • Restore peace in the world
    • Stop Russia from invading any other countries
    • Stop Iran from funding terrorism and wars