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While I acknowledge Joe Biden is the current President of the United States, he is not my President. For me, this is a simple reason – he is against the America we have come to know, love and cherish. In the first hundred days of his administration, there were a number of Executive Orders he took in his first days that for me were just outright anti-American including:

  • The 1776 Project versus the 1619 Project – Joe made this one of his first orders to stop the recently released 1776 Project Report on how to restore American Civics education in K through 12. Instead, he released the 1619 Project curriculum that claims slavery as the basis of American History and teaches reverse racism toward all whites.
  • The Border Wall & Immigration Policy & Enforcement – Joe cancelled the remaining construction of the border wall between the US and Mexico which was near completion and started with the Trump administration. In addition, he would go on to release border patrols, ISIS officials and encourage immigrants to cross the border. We now have a half million new illegal immigrants roaming across the US.
  • The Keystone Gas Pipeline – Joe stopped construction of the XL Pipeline transporting natural gas from Canada to Southwest ports in the US. This was part of the Trump administration’s efforts to make the US energy independent and seen as a critical factor in national security.  He did this under the guise of climate change when stopping the pipeline won’t do a thing to stop the use of fossil fuel and will even increase carbon emissions because it now will have to be transported by train and truck.
  • The Covid Lockdowns – Joe continued to keep the economy shut down due to the Covid virus that infected the country starting in the first quarter of 2020 including school closures, business closures, medical and health service closures. Now after 15 months and many lives destroyed, Joe still has the federal government on mask wearing restrictions despite medical authorities saying we are at or near herd immunity.

I am one of those American citizens who feels the 2020 election was rigged. Both in leading up to election night and on election night itself, there were many reported incidents of illegal polling activities in multiple states but especially the swing states that could determine the outcome. From hidden cameras picking up activity of poll workers pulling bins out after the polling location had been closed to stories of ballots being shipped across state lines to targeted states where Biden needed more votes. Now the democratically controlled House is putting forth HR1, a piece of legislation that wants to change control of the election process from the states to the federal government and legalize processes attributed to voter fraud in the past.In Joe’s first Congressional message following his first one hundred days, Joe made a statement that was telling. He said, “Government is the People.” That my fellow Americans, I believe, would be deemed anti-American by the Founding Fathers. The exact words the Founding Fathers used to describe our relationship as citizens with our government was “a Government of the People, by the People and for the People.” There is a big difference in the meaning of those little words.

Let’s send a message to Joe and his friends in Washington D.C., “Our Government is not the People. Our Government exists for the sole purpose to serve the People. The Government is our servant with strict orders laid out in the American Constitution as to how their role is to be served to ensure the freedom and safety of its People.”

Joe and his friends don’t like that role and haven’t for a long time. They look for opportunities (usually in the form of disasters created or accidentally released) to capitalize on their new way of governing America. Well, their way I say is anti-American. If you see this pattern too, we need to let Joe and friends know now before they do become our self-designated masters.

Joe, you are anti-American and you need to be stopped before you destroy this relationship over the last 250 years between the American people and its Constitutionally-Guided Government.