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Three Reasons Maggie Hassan Disrespects New Hampshire

If it weren’t so serious, I’d think Maggie Hassan’s campaign is a joke.  She continually pounds away on issues that are far down the list of the importance.  That’s why she doesn’t want to run on her record.  In fact, she’s done many things that rational people would only conclude that she really doesn’t like us very much.  Here are just three off the top of my head.

First, she doesn’t want us in New Hampshire to determine our own future.  Her campaign is a never-ending story of abortion and how the Dobbs decision took away “reproductive freedom”.  Well, it did no such thing, here’s why.  Nothing changed in New Hampshire.  The Supreme Court merely decided that abortion was not an enumerated item in the Constitution and each state can make their own decision on the matter.  What that means is that we in New Hampshire get to vote on the issue by electing our state representatives.  Maggie would rather take away our right to vote and have the federal legislature decide unilaterally for the entire nation.  Why would an elected representative want to take away my vote?  It’s absolutely a sign of disrespect.

Second, she seems quite happy that our kids are dying of Fentanyl overdoses.  As we know, most of those drugs are coming from Mexico and over our southern border and the federal government is bussing them north.  There were several bills that were tied at 50-50 with VP Harris casting the deciding vote.  On any one of those votes, Hassan could have stood up and said, “I’m not voting for this bill until the President does something to stop the flow of Fentanyl coming over our southern border”.  She could have stopped it and she didn’t even try.  She is clearly not the leader she claims to be.  What is it about our kids that she doesn’t like?

Lastly, she seems fine with inflation.  She voted for almost $5 trillion in government spending over the past two years and she’s just fine with the war on fossil fuels.  Ironically, one of those bills was called the “Inflation Reduction Act” that the CBO said would have no impact on inflation until 2029.  Inflation is real and it really hurts us in New Hampshire.  New Hampshire Electric Cooperative sent me a letter over the summer informing me that the cost of purchased electricity was going up by 71% – seventy-one percent!  My oil pre-buy was $3.10 a year ago and is now $5.00.  I’m spending almost $4,000 more to light and heat my home this year than under Trump.  Given she’s not willing to take any responsibility I can only conclude she’s fine with this.

So, there it is, she wants to take away my right to vote on important issues; she won’t stand up to the President on critically important issues that are killing our kids; and she doesn’t care about me or my pocketbook.  Calling it disrespectful is the politest way of putting it.